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132A Significant Business History Stream

Visa Summary:

The Australian 132A Business Talent Visa is a one-stop permanent residence visa for large and medium-sized business owners who are eligible and willing to set up a new business in Australia or participate in the management of existing businesses. The 132A visa must be nominated by the state/territory government. Each state has its own nomination requirements, usually a certain amount of investment in the state to establish or share a business, and to operate for at least 2 years. Two years later, the State Government and the Immigration Department audit on the applicant's business to check whether the investment is in place or if the business is functioning properly. This visa is flexible in terms of residence duration and does not require scoring or English tests. Therefore, it is more suitable for business people in China.

Application Requirements:

1.You must be under the age of 55;

2.You, your partner, or you and your partner combined must have all of the following:

a)Total net business and personal assets of at least AUD 1.5 million;

b)Ownership of at least 30 per cent of a business;

c)Total business net assets of at least AUD 400,000;

d)Total annual turnover of at least AUD 3 million in at least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you are invited to apply.

NOTE: To satisfy annual turnover and net assets, you, or you and your partner could use up to two businesses with at least 30 per cent of ownership.

3.After granting of the 132A visa, you must complete investment within 24 months after landing with no less than AUD 1.5 million. Investment options may include any legal business such as real estate development, farm, trading or other commercial areas. The immigration department will issue an audit letter requesting you to submit proof of commercial investment in Australia and management documents at the end of the 22-24 months period;

4.There is no specific requirement for the residence duration.


1.One-stop permanent residence visa for the whole family;

2.No requirement on scoring and English proficiency;

3.Flexible in terms of residence duration;

4.Children enjoy benefits of local studies after enrollment;

5.Enjoy Australian public medical and other social welfare benefits.

Application Process:

Fill the EOI assessment form → Sign contract → Gather information → Draft business plan → Apply for EOI nomination and State sponsorship → Prepare visa documents → Grant of State sponsorship → Complete audit report → Lodge visa application → Interview training (if required) → Interview (if required) → Medical check-up → Grant of visa → Arrange for landing in Australia

Application period is 12-18 months

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