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Interpretation of Keynote and Difficulties of Business Innovation Stream (Subclass 188A)

New Horizon Migration has a senior consultant team with rich experience. Only after grasping all information of clients at the consulting stage, we can make flexible response according to letter of migration officer for asking for supplementary information.
Subclass 188A is a transitional immigrant investor  visa. From the first time when we  offer consulting services for clients, we make clients know the whole process clearly,and ensure that they will not lose confidence or get shocked due to the unexpected affairs in the migration progress. We explain clearly to clients about the follow-up business to be done, requirements to be met and the amounts to be invested in advance. We do not target at short-term profits from cases but provide persistent help and services for clients during the whole process from the date of their migration intentions to their successful settlement in Australia.
We make proper preparations for clients’ first landing on Australia, so that clients can have primary ideas about what to do next, what difficulties they will meet and how to seek for help when meeting problems after getting to Australia for the first time. Furthermore, we try our best to help clients solve problems.
The followings are the keynotes of applying for Subclass 188A that we summarize:
Do not mention more assets in the scoring form, because it is normally difficult to explain the source of funds clearly;
The score on management experience should be based on corporate statements, because operations directly reflect whether the company is successful;
Communicate clearly with clients about the business they will do in Australia after landing in Australia.
The difficulty for applying for Subclass 188A is still the source of funds. According to the industry that clients are engaged in and their actual entrepreneurial process, we help clients to collect written documents which reflect their business experience, so that Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia can see the process of fund accumulation. If you select us, we will develop overseas business in depth with you and accompany you all the way.

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