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Give Up the Improper and then Find the Best - A client gave up Business Innovation Stream (Subclass 188A) and successfully obtained Business Talent (P

Case Background

Mr. Qin obtained approval of Subclass 188A through a migration agency in Mainland China in June 2013 and then landed on Australia. However, Mr. Qin and his wife were very busy with their business in China, and they were not suitable for the 2 years’ migration detention which is required for transforming Subclass 188A into Subclass 132 permanent residence. Introduced by a friend, Mr. Qin came to consult New Horizon Migration and learned that they could directly apply for Subclass 132 because of their business background in China. Thus, they could get the Permanent Resident Visa first and then invest into real estate development business without having to meet requirements of migration detention. In this way, they can both take care of their business in China and get the Australian Permanent Resident Visa.
At the same time, Mr. Qin wanted to apply for the sponsorship of Victoria State Government, while the Subclass 132 application with the sponsorship of Victoria State Government was the most difficult at that time and even now, due to the limited quota and the more strict requirements. However, New Horizon Migration helped Mr. Qin obtain the sponsorship of Victoria State Government in only 3 months, and Victoria State Government also approved Mr. Qin’s investment related to real estate development projects. 
Mr. Qin’s visa application was submitted in April 2014 and approved in January 2015. At that time, the difficulty was to explain the legal source of the funds. Since the registered capital of Mr. Qin’s company in China was too large, the Senior Migration Consultant of New Horizon Migration told Mr. Qin that the difficulty was to explain the legal source of funds. Based on the client’s business experience, through collecting materials related to the sources of funds, explaining taxation policies on entrepreneurship in different industries in China at that time, as well as providing proof, New Horizon Migration finally helped the family of Mr. Qin to get recognition and approval from immigration officer, and obtain the Australian Permanent Residence Right.

Case Analysis

Being insisting on the principles of in-depth overseas development and accompanying clients all the way, New Horizon Migration analyze the difficulties in clients’ overseas life and provide the most suitable solutions for clients. The focus is that New Horizon Migration can keep professional and nice relationships with state governments and get their support, so that clients can get state governments’ approvals smoothly in a short period of time, including Victoria State’s approval, which is highly difficult to obtain.
New Horizon Migration designs migration plans that are the most suitable for clients according to clients’ actual demands and financial capacities. We not only have accumulated years’ experience in applying for various visas, but also can pick up clients from abroad, and provide them with all-round support including the explanation to local habits, and assign professional taxation experts and legal counsels to provide consulting and tracking services for clients’ overseas life, so that clients can get accustomed to overseas life and find investment directions as soon as possible. We aim to provide the best one-stop services for clients.

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