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Holder of Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132) with the Sponsorship of Western Australian Government Smoothly Pass the Follow-up Review via

Case Background

Client Mr. Xiao entrusted New Horizon Migration with follow-up reviewing matters of his visa after obtaining guaranty from the Western Australian Government. Since Mr. Xiao enjoys living in Melbourne and attaches more confidence to Victoria after comparatively investigating the economy of Western Australia and Victoria, Mr. Xiao decided to give up his original idea of investing in Western Australia, but then purchased a property development project with approval of four luxurious townhouses in Victoria, in order to pass the follow-up review of 132A visa by means of this project.
Due to the reason that the client didn’t live in Western Australia and did not make investment there according to the promise of guaranty, the Western Australian Government was not in favour of Mr. Xiao’s visa review after Mr. Xiao submitted the review materials. When reviewing the documents of Mr. Xiao, the immigration officer called Stella ZHU, a licensed agent of New Horizon Migration, and explained that they had to issue a notice on canceling the 132A visa of Mr. Xiao. However, Stella argued strongly on just grounds by citing Regulations of Immigration Law and the reviewing procedures of many immigration cases,  emphasized the legal provisions concerning 132A visa review and how to accomplish investment and management under Immigration Law to the immigration office .Besides, Stella also explained  the economic benefits brought by the client’s management mode and his investment program to Australian taxation, housing and employment creation. One week later, instead of posting the cancellation letter, the immigration office issued the approval letter to Mr. Xiao directly. In addition, the market price of the project land invested by Mr. Xiao skyrocketed, causing the consequent increase in sales price of townhouses after completion of  the project. Finally, Mr. Xiao made considerable profits while obtaining the visa approval at ease, that is,  killing two  birds with one stone.

Case Analysis

The case of Mr. Xiao is a typical issue concerning follow-up review confronted by 132A visa holders. Due to the investment location, many clients are afraid that they cannot pass the review of immigration office smoothly. Nevertheless, with zero failure rate of review, New Horizon Migration help clients make objective analysis, make effective communication with and show evidence to the state government and  immigration office, regardless of which state clients want to live and invest in, thus helping them pass the review of Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia eventually.
Being skilled in solving difficult problems like curing miscellaneous diseases and familiar with the Australian Immigration Law, and basing on years of experience in the follow-up review of 132A visa, we acquaint with the difficulties of each case and act appropriately to the situation. Only through effective screening and highlighting in dealing with applications can we better communicate with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia, and thus get the ultimate support.

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