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Greece residence permit by real estate acquisition


1.High performance-price ratio: Obtain the permanent residence permit of Europe directly;

2.Small investment: The applicant is only required to buy housing property worth EUR 250,000;

3.No requirement on residence: The applicant only needs to land on Greece to renew the residence permit every 5 years;

4.The low tax rate of Europe: 3% transaction tax, 0.1-0.7% housing property tax per year. The housing property procurement tax rate of Europe is low;

5. Low housing prices: The housing market price in Greece now is lower than that before the economic crisis by nearly 50%. Along with the economic recovery, the housing price is very likely to rise;

6.Simple application requirement: The applicant does not have to prove educational background, management experience, language competence or fund source, etc.

Application Requirements:

1.The principal applicant much reach or be over 18 years old;

2.The applicant must buy housing property worth over Euro 250,000 in Greece;

3.No criminal record;

4.The applicant can immigrate together the spouse, children no more than 24 years old and the couple’s parents.

Application Process:

Evaluation and agreement signing ➡ application for Schengen Visa ➡ survey and purchase of housing ➡ payment for housing ➡ transfer of housing  ownership ➡ preparation for immigration documents ➡ the second entry ➡ submission of the application for the permanent residence permit of investor to the local authority directly ➡ visa approval ➡ renewal of the permanent residence permit in Greece every 5 years

Application period is 2 months

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