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Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

2018-10-17 08:33 Tag:Immigration News
Saint Lucia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations located in the middle of Windward Islands in East Caribbean. Its capital is Castries, with English as the official language. The national territorial area is 616 sq.km., the population is about 171,000, and the GDP per capital is about USD 7,000. Saint Lucia recovered its diplomatic relation with Taiwan in 2007 and China declared to suspend the diplomatic relation with Saint Lucia in the same year.

Application Requirements:
1.Main applicant over 18 years old;
2.Clean criminal record;
3.Minimum investment of USD100,000 (main applicant);
4.Dependents: spouse, dependent children under 18, dependent children between 18 and 25 years (attending full-time education), and parents over 65 years old are eligible to apply for citizenship with the main applicant.

1.Fast review: Passport can be obtained in 3 months;
2.Low threshold: No requirement on source of funds and business background;
3.Donation of USD 100,000 is sufficient to apply for permanent residence;
4.The country has no diplomatic relation with China and recognizes dual citizenship. The government promises not to reveal information of citizenship applicants. Saint Lucia’s social context is stable and secure;
5.Visa-free entry to 126 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, UK, EU countries etc. Saint Lucia passport ranks the 34th globally.

Application Process:
Sign contract ➡ Gather information ➡ Due diligence ➡ Submit application ➡ Obtain principle approval ➡ Complete investment ➡ Receive passport
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