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Dominica Citizenship by Investment

2018-10-17 08:33 Tag:Immigration News
Dominica is a Caribbean island country in North America and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, with Roseau as its capital and English as the official language. The national territorial area is 751 sq.km., the population is over 70,000 and the GDP per capita is about USD 7,000. Dominica was listed among the world’s top 10 ecological tourism spot by the world-famous Sherman Travel Website and is honoured as a “Huge Plantation Lab”. Dominica is an island country with blue sky and clear sea, rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

Application Requirements:
1.Main applicant over 18 years old;
2.Clean criminal record
3.Minimum investment of usd100,000(main applicant);
4.Dependents: spouse, dependent children under 18, dependent children between 18 and 30 years (attending full-time education), and parents or grandparents over 55 years old are eligible to apply for citizenship with the main applicant.

1.Short review period: Receive passport in 2 months or obtain approval in as fast as 21 working days;
2.Stable policies. In 1993, the Immigration Act was written into the country’s supreme constitution, which rules that the passport is valid permanently after applicants get their citizenship by investment program;
3.Low threshold. Only donation of USD 100,000 is needed. You can donate after your application is approved;
4.Open overseas accounts and establish offshore companies with ease. No tax imposed on individual income or assets;
5.Visa-free entry to 120 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, EU countries etc. Dominica passport ranks the 39th globally.

Application Process:
Sign contract ➡ Gather information ➡ Due diligence ➡ Submit application ➡ Obtain principle approval ➡ Complete investment ➡ Receive passport
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