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Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by investment

2018-10-17 08:33 Tag:Immigration News
Antigua & Barbuda is a Caribbean island country in North America and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, with Saint John's as its capital and English as the official language. The national territorial area is 442.6 sq.km., the population is over 90,000 and the GDP per capita is about USD 14,000. Antigua & Barbuda has boasts of unique geographic conditions, developed tourism, 365 high quality beaches, pleasant climate, beautiful sceneries and featured tropical characteristics.

Application Requirements: 
1.Main applicant over 18 years old;
2.Clean criminal record;
3.Minimum investment of USD100,000 (main applicant);
4.Dependents: spouse, dependent children under 18, dependent children between 18 and 26 years (attending full-time education), and parents or grandparents over 65 years old are eligible to apply for citizenship with the main applicant.

1.The government promises that passports can be obtained in 3-6 months without conducting assets check, and you can apply for citizenship with only USD 100,000 donation;
2.Developed tourism and stable real estate market. You only need to live in Antigua & Barbuda for 5 days in the first 5 years after granting of the citizenship;
3.Antigua & Barbuda is a country of above-average income. The prices and consumption levels there are close to those of Miami of USA and Hong Kong. Many European and American millionaires gather there;
4.Visa-free entry to 130 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, EU countries, Switzerland, Iceland etc. Antigua & Barbuda passport ranks the 31st globally.

Application Process:
Sign contract ➡ Gather information ➡ Due diligence ➡ Submit application ➡ Obtain principle approval ➡ Complete investment ➡ Receive passport
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